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10 Finger Interaction.

Interesting work from 10gui.com 
I’m not sure the interactive piece is thought out well enough, but the interaction is worth thinking about for …. THE FUTURE FUTURE future future… 

(This is a bit dated…  definitely pre-iPad)

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Looking for a Free Credit Report?

Manditory disclosure on “Free” credit report sites…

Before purchasing my Car in 2008, I thought it would be a good idea to check my credit and make sure everything was kosher before hunting down a car loan.  Little did I know those sneaky bastards at “Free Credit Report” .com automatically signed me up for $14.99 a month subscription to some absolutely useless credit alert system after using their website to do so.  

Admittedly, I should have known better.  I blame the Siren’s song of there catchy commercial jingles about pirate hats and clunkers.  At least I caught the first monthly charge shortly after it was deducted from my account and after a long awkward “please don’t leave we love you” conversation with their sales rep, I was able to leave with my box of records and TV.

A tiny win for the little guy, I suppose:

Little Guy - 1
Sneaky Ass Companies - 10,000,000